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The modular seating system can be can be used to create a unique system that will work almost every kind of workspace, complementing the function and aesthetics of an interior. It helps create a hub which ensures acoustic isolation when seated within a pod. This ensures private meetings and a better flow of information and exchange of ideas. Serving as seats or linking units which can be freely configured.

The Hexa seating system consists of modules with armrests (free-standing modules), modules without armrests, modules with only right or only left armrest, and corner units – of which sets can be composed. Each of the modules comes with either a low or high backrest.

 Hexa units have a solid wooden structure. Both the seat and backrest of the armchair are covered with a foam of appropriate density. The backrest is composed of profiled foam which offers high comfort seating by providing adequate support for the lumbar region of user’s spine. The Hexa line also includes small tables.

Products from the a Hexa range are available with non-adjustable or elegant chromium adjustable glides. Adjustable glides are particularly recommended for complex sets as they can be used to level any unevenness of the floor and ensure stability of the whole set.


Modules with non adjustable glides may not be combined with modules with adjustable glides.

 (Please contact us for more details) Example prices using Xtreme fabric


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